Karnaval Shopping


Identity for a luxury shopping mall situated in Krasnodar, on the board of the river Kuban.
This mall is not only for shopping. Karnaval is also the place for education and leisure.
Shopping at Karnaval is the best way to spend your time with your family in luxury way.



Mauvais ton (French). — Bad manners. Ill-breeding, vulgar ways.
This is an identity for a restaurant that specialized on experimental fusion cuisine.
We decided to use the most popular clipart ever to decorate the identity with.
Also we use both formal and informal lexics to mark the opposites that can easily live together. The idea is to make ugly and usual look better.



Who says that to be small is not a real advantage? Sometimes it is! This small hotel proves that.
Maldini is a small hotel, situated in the center of a rich southern city. This hotel offers 8 rooms and lots of pleasure for everyone who stops here. Russian hospitality is mixed with the Italian spirit here. This hotel allows you to feel the atmosphere of the Italian luxury which is shown in almost everything: from interior to kitchen, decor and, of course, style. Everything is amazing with the exclusive pattern, designed especially for Maldini. We have not missed any item undecorated. Our geometrical print leads all style. The magnetic Maldini pattern easily changes any standard object and doesn’t leave a chance to forget the special look of Maldini Hotel. The logotype of the Maldini hotel also looks friendly and stylish. The cosiness and luxury, hospitality and privacy this are main advantages of Maldini Hotel.

Galich Hall


Galich.Hall is one of the most beautiful celebration halls and the unique architectural project. You can’t help being overwhelmed with the feeling of sublimity even inside the construction. The interior of Galich.Hall is designed in Art Nouveau and the best traditions of the Russian aristocracy style. The Renaissance with the grandeur of its great style, the grand distinctiveness of baroque, the sophisticated mystery of rococo… Everything here is filled with tranquil solemnity and royal dignity.
Galich.Hall is the place for the people who have achieved a lot!

Bellini Restaurant


Bellini is a restaurant, specialized on authentic Russian, Japan and Italian cuisine.This is a kind of a restaurant for the family dinners. It is situated in central park and gives a good opportunity to taste excellent restaurant food with a quite democratic price for middle class clients.

China Lab


The tea is like a life… This is a micro-dentity for our friends who started up a little business of the Chinese Tradition tea Stores

ID cart


This is an invitation for a New Year Party in Barrocco, designed as a backstage pass



The poster for a special closed party for Metro Fashion Store in Barrocco

Blacktie Bar


Blacktie Bar is a place for fashion addicts and top-managers. This is a classic bar with new fashionable look. Stylish and prestigious, it is situated on the main street of the city. This is a place for people, who work smart, look smart and wanted the smart bar.