Who says that to be small is not a real advantage? Sometimes it is! This small hotel proves that.
Maldini is a small hotel, situated in the center of a rich southern city. This hotel offers 8 rooms and lots of pleasure for everyone who stops here. Russian hospitality is mixed with the Italian spirit here. This hotel allows you to feel the atmosphere of the Italian luxury which is shown in almost everything: from interior to kitchen, decor and, of course, style. Everything is amazing with the exclusive pattern, designed especially for Maldini. We have not missed any item undecorated. Our geometrical print leads all style. The magnetic Maldini pattern easily changes any standard object and doesn’t leave a chance to forget the special look of Maldini Hotel. The logotype of the Maldini hotel also looks friendly and stylish. The cosiness and luxury, hospitality and privacy this are main advantages of Maldini Hotel.